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WIP Wednesday – 5/14/14

WIP Wednesday – 5/14/14

This week I learned about 2 things that I found intriguing. [Thank you Rachel May: “Quilting with a Modern Slant”].  WIP Wednesday (Lee Heinrich) and 15 Minutes of Play (Victoria Findlay Wolfe).  If you haven’t heard of these, I’ll give you a brief summary.  WIP Wednesday is an invention to remind bloggers about posting what we are working on currently and 15 Minutes of Play encourages us to spend at least 15 minutes each day to playing with fabric.  I am enacting both of these.

Just fell in love with these at the quilt shop.

Just fell in love with these at the quilt shop.

Monday I started my 15 Minutes sewing a feltie bunny.  I didn’t so much get to the sewing part, but I did get all of the pieces cut and ready to sew.  I thought this would be a fun, easy project that I can do while watching television.  {I do need to get something out there, however.  I hate hand sewing.  This is ironic because I actually started out sewing with cross-stitch and embroidery, both by hand.  Anymore, they make a machine to do anything or rather, I can make my machine do just about anything.  I have actually looked at a project in a book or magazine that I adored, noticed that part of it needed to be hand sewn, and put the magazine back into the rack.}  Monday’s 15 minutes turned into something around 90.  No matter.

It's not that I have to have everything "just so", I just like it better that way.

It’s not that I have to have everything “just so”, I just like it better that way.

Tuesday I didn’t really have much to watch on tv (after the finalists of The Voice were announced, that is), so I decided to go up to my sewing room for my 15 minutes.  This also turned in to an extended 15 minutes.  As I walked into my sewing room, I looked around for what I would work on.  Like most quilters, I have several (too put it mildly) works in progress.  However, all of my projects are ultimately obligations.  I have gifts, challenges, bee blocks, as well as something else brewing that will be discussed when that WIP becomes DONE (or whatever the acronym for finished WIP is).  But, I am not working on anything that is just for me.  I enjoy all of those things which is why I do them, nevertheless none of them are for no reason whatsoever other than because it makes me happy.  I looked at a stack of Tula Pink fat quarters and half yards that I picked up this weekend.  I remember telling myself as I took them out of the bag that they would be for something for myself though I knew not what that would be. After all, I have been so busy working on projects for other people.  I had an epiphany.  This 15 Minutes of Play is supposed to be fun.  It has “play” in the title.  I also wanted to take this time to devote to relaxation.  I can’t be relaxed if I’m working on something with a deadline.  So I grabbed my “Quilts from the House of Tula Pink” off my shelf and flipped through.  I’ve felt inspired by her tube method of piecing but I haven’t had the right project or time.  Well, why not now.  I have the book open to Stacks and I keep flipping to Beanstalks for reference.  I’m going to make something that is sort of a blend of the two along with some jelly roll race in there.  It’s going to be my version of improv piecing (I have to have some structure or I’ll go nuts).  Again, I spent my entire hour long 15 minutes prepping my fabric.

Hopefully tomorrow the sewing can begin

Hopefully tomorrow the sewing can begin

Wednesday I actually started sewing…well, ok, I didn’t.  I decided to add the pinwheels that Tula has in her Stacks design so I spent today’s 15 minutes preparing for them.  Today was a long day at work with a ridiculously long rush hour drive home.  So I only had about a 25 minute 15 minutes today.  On the other hand, I looked at the clock as I was typing this and, maybe I’ll go back up there again tonight.

One comment on “WIP Wednesday – 5/14/14

  1. Angela
    May 16, 2014

    Congrats on beginning to blog…I think you’ll find it, like quilting, a creative way to express yourself!
    I too fell in love with Tula Pink’s Foxfield. I’m looking forward to seeing what you make of it…maybe by the next KCMQG meeting?
    Take care,

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