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On Challenges – MQG Michael Miller Challenge


Look at the Flowers, Lizzie

KCMQG Michael Miller Fabric Challenge completed mini-quilt

KCMQG Michael Miller Fabric Challenge completed mini-quilt

I have just finished my second quilt challenge.  The MQG challenge was to use some Michael Miller fabric and create a quilt.  The KCMQG added the spec of making it a mini quilt.  I thought this would be fun, especially since I so enjoyed the last challenge (Riley Blake fabric), so I accepted.  I received the fabric and figured I had just about enough to make an entire mini quilt without adding much.  Consequently, I added a personal goal of doing just that.

I like to let the fabric inspire the design of the quilt.  I’ve always had better luck getting the design to match the fabric rather than trying to force fabric to fit into a design.  Often, I’ll find fabric I love and think “ooh, that would look great in this pattern I know of”.  Those usually end up being my favorite quilts because there’s such a harmony between the materials.

I really liked the big flowers, but I did not want to slice them up into strips or smaller pieces.  I thought they would lose what makes them magnificent.  So I chose to fussy cut one and build the rest of the quilt around it.  The difficulty with this was that the way the fat eighth had been cut, I didn’t have quite an entire flower. But I did my best. I wanted to build the rest of the quilt around that flower, making it up as I went.


Close up of center flower and quilting

I like corner stones so I knew I wanted to put them in a few of the “layers”. The yellow corners being only on 2 corners were a happy accident.  I was only able to fussy cut enough for 2 (they were the stems of the afore mentioned center flowers).  It turned out to be my favorite layer.  And I love that coral color solid.

I pieced the back using the leftover scrap material, after which there were only really trimmings left of any of it.  I bound it with the one fabric that didn’t make the cut (don’t you just love quilting puns) for the rest of the quilt.

Back of KCMQGMMC mini-quilt

Back of KCMQGMMC mini-quilt

Generally, I don’t plan how I’m going to do the quilting in advance.  I know that I should and in many cases it would have influenced my piecing.  However, that is one of the reasons I still consider myself to be a beginner-intermediate quilter.  I just haven’t gotten that far into my planning process.  I love, love, love using variegated thread.  I think it adds such an extra POP to the quilting.  I do use matching thread when I don’t want to take away from the design of the quilt top, but in this case, I thought it could only add to it.

Then there is also the naming of the quilts.  This is not my strong suit.  My husband usually pokes fun of me for the names I come up with, but I don’t care.  I want to give the quilt a name so that when someone years from now goes, “Hey, I loved your PBG Waves”, I can actually remember which quilt they’re talking about.  As a result, the quilts usually get named with somewhat of a description.  This one was both a description and the result of watching too much The Walking Dead while designing.  I also have a strange sense of humor, so if you don’t “get the title”, never mind.  Again, it’s really so that I can remember which quilt the title is referring to.   The fact that the label ended up smack in the middle of that grey square is also a happy accident.  Don’t you just love those!!

Look at the Flowers, Lizzie quilt label.

Look at the Flowers, Lizzie quilt label.

Overall, I liked these fabrics. They were pleasant to work with, but I personally prefer more vibrant colors.  Some of these seem muted.

2 comments on “On Challenges – MQG Michael Miller Challenge

  1. Staci
    May 20, 2014

    I LOVE the quilt title!! One of my favorite shows. 🙂 I am silly scared to ever do any of the challenges (too much freedom for me). Love what you’ve done, and I really like the variegated thread. Think I may just use some next time I try a smaller project.

  2. Lorna McMahon
    July 14, 2014

    What a beautiful mini. I like the fussy cut flower center, the variegated quilting thread, and your label is awesome. Well written post. It was a pleasure to read about your process!

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