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WIP Wednesday – 5/28/14

WIP Wednesday – 5/28/14

This week and weekend I took a break from my Tula Pink stacks quilt to power through some free motion quilting on a project I’ve had sitting around for about a month.  A lot of times I don’t necessarily know how I plan on quilting something when I’m piecing it.  I’m usually happier when I just work the fabrics and let the inspiration happen naturally.  On this one, all I knew going in was that I wanted to use a variety of free motion techniques.  I apologize for the poor quality of the photos.  I was rushing to get this posted (been a busy week at work).

Blue Brick Explosion

I planned on killing two birds with one stone, make a gift and practice free motion.  I’m only showing pictures of portions of the quilt since, as I said, it’s a gift and the recipient doesn’t yet know.  I like to let the recipients of my quilts be one of the first people to see the finished product.   But, this is WIP Wednesday and not Finished Friday.  So, I don’t have a problem showing you some of the work.

Some of the quilting.

Some of the quilting.

I wanted to repeat several designs to allow myself to get better at them, but I also wanted to vary it a little.  Each section of bricks has one different design from the rest of the sections.   One design in particular, shown below, was a happy accident.  It was supposed to be a spirally pattern that I messed up.  I thought it looked more like waves, which works well on the blue background.  So, I went with it. (Don’t you just love happy accidents).  I like how the same blue thread looks different on the different backgrounds.  Some it just blends in and on others, like the black, it almost glows (a really cool effect on the flame design).

Close up of the waves design.

Close up of the waves design.

I didn’t quite finish all of the quilting because I ran out of thread.  I’m still new to free motion so I am just figuring out how much thread it uses up.  Note to any other beginners out there, the answer is…A LOT!!  Be prepared for that.  And remember, if you buy an extra spool, it can sit in your stash if you don’t use it.

A portion of the back.

A portion of the back.

That’s all you get to see for now.  When I do complete this quilt and get ready to present it, I will post more and better pictures and add a link to the post here.  It will likely be closer to Christmas.  Sorry in advance for the wait.  When finished, it will be something like 42″x70″.

I plan on finishing the quilting and binding this weekend.  I also want to make a matching pillow case out of the excess fabric.  Not that there’s much.  I might have to pick up a bit more at the fabric shop.  Oh darn, now I’ll have to go to the fabric shop.  Twist my arm, why don’t you.  LOL.

Until next week…Tootles.

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