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My Evening with Tula Pink and Luke Haynes

My Evening with Tula Pink and Luke Haynes

A few weeks ago, my guild president notified us of a quilt exhibit in which we might be interested.  Tula Pink and Luke Haynes are having a show in a city near us.  Tula is my favorite fabric designer and I get so much inspiration from Luke’s work that I couldn’t pass up this opportunity.  In addition,  both artists were going to be there for a reception on Saturday night.  I had a chance to meet both of them when Luke spoke at our guild meeting a few months ago and they are both lovely people.  The museum is about an hour drive for me so I put together a carpool of some guildmates and we rode up together.


If you ever have a chance to see Luke’s work in person, take the opportunity.  Pictures do not do them justice.  Seeing his art up close and personal was thrilling.  The figures look three dimensional as you step back and the intricacies become apparent as you approach.  It was also tremendous to get a chance to chat with him about his process.

This shows Luke adjusting the hanger on the quilt.  Wanted to show you the scale of these.

This shows Luke adjusting the hanger on the quilt. Wanted to show you the scale of his work.




The colors on Tula’s fabrics are stunning.  Also, pictures in magazines and on the internet cannot represent the quality Angela Walters put in to her quilting on Tula’s designs.  The fine details were daunting.




There were also some of Tula’s original sketches for her fabric designs giving us a peek into the mind of the designer.


Wanna know the best part of the evening?  Following the reception, Tula invited everyone back to her house for an impromptu gathering.  She gave us all a tour and her place is amazing and inspirational.  We got to see some of her not yet released designs (which is why I don’t have pictures).

This is a picture from her instagram page.  THAT’S ME IN THE LOWER LEFT CORNER!!  Sorry about that. Had to geek out for a second.

It was such a fun night.  Talking about quilting and sewing with some of my guildies and heroes as well as making some new friends was what made this evening one of my top 5 nights ever.  I went home and immediately started sketching.

And now for the hashtags:  #tulapink #patternrepeat #albrechtkemper #lukehaynes #entropies #angelawalters

One comment on “My Evening with Tula Pink and Luke Haynes

  1. Jan
    June 17, 2014

    I am glad you took these photos! I think I took maybe three. I always feel that photos just don’t convey the impact – and they don’t, but it is nice to look back and be reminded of what they were like in person. It was great fun and thanks again for driving!

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